Reasons for Telegram

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  1. Self erasing messages
  2. Secret chats, that notify if someone takes a screenshot
  3. Role system in groups
  4. Find groups nearby
  5. Expressive emojis/stickers
  6. Groups with up to 200,000 users
  7. In these up to 50 admins and 20 bots
  8. Pin messages
  9. Edit messages afterwards
  10. Delete messages completely for all
  11. Interactive surveys in groups
  12. Zoom like calls with unlimited listeners
  13. 30 can turn on camera with about 2000 viewers
  14. Schedule messages and send them automatically at a certain time
  15. Announcment groups can contain an infinite number of people
  16. Send photos without compression
  17. Send several GB of file size
  18. Bots with handy functions
  19. Mark messages as spoilers
  20. Automated chat translation
  21. Reaction to messages
  22. Web-App and downloads on all devices with regular updates
  23. Anonymous posting in groups (If allowed)
  24. Calendar overview of all media sent in chat
  25. Delete all messages in one period
  26. Automatic text recognition for sent images
  27. Disable saving content from groups
  28. Multiple sessions at the same time
  29. Self-deleting images
  30. Set listening speed for voice messages and videos
  31. Screen sharing during calls
  32. When joining or starting a video call, you are first asked if you want to join front, back or no camera.
  33. Automatically delete older messages
  34. Easaly switch trough devices while beeing in a call
  35. Schedule calls
  36. Write a title of calls
  37. Toggle on and off, that whole chat is visible for users who join group
  38. Costumer friendly support